Author Matthew McIntosh and his debut novel, Well, at Shakespeare and Company Bookstore, Paris, France.

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Presenting "The Christmas Party", a new novella-as-screenplay from Matthew McIntosh
Featuring Matthew McIntosh’s novella-as-screenplay, The Christmas Party: “Evoking a bygone era of Hollywood, this cinematic holiday story follows a set of misfits and dreamers on a romantic quest from Los Angeles to San Francisco.”


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2017, Grove Press. 978-0-8021-2491-3

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Rooted in the western United States in the decade post-9/11, theMystery.doc follows a young writer and his wife as he attempts to write the follow-up to his first novel, searching for a form that will express the world as it has become, even as it continually shifts all around him.

“..brave and massively accomplished ...a dazzling celebration of the novel and the human heart, each with their endless possibilities.
—Alan Moore, author of Watchmen and Jerusalem

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Los Angeles Times Besteller, “Well” by American author Matthew McIntosh book cover art.

2003, Grove Press. 0-8021-4143-9


Well is the widely acclaimed first novel from Matthew McIntosh, hailed as a “blue-collar, modernist masterpiece”(Max Liu, The Thought Fox (UK), 2013).

This book is a real joy to experience … and it is an experience, a wonderfully human experience. A book that still resonates in my heart.
—Hubert Selby, Jr, author of Last Exit to Brooklyn
Matthew McIntosh… is the real thing—a tremendously gifted and supple prose hand, recounting all manner of human distress and extremity in an assured and generous voice, balancing, as all honest practitioners of the fictional art must, the delicately pitched forces of fate, remorse and grace.”
Washington Post
A Los Angeles Times Bestseller
Seattle Post-Intelligencer Best of 2003

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